Freshly baked traditional pineapple tarts that are made from scratch everyday! The pastry melts in your mouth and is topped with delicious pineapple that is just the right amount of sweetness!


Choose from our options of:

  • Standard - for those who likes both the pineapple and the crust
  • Less pineapple - for those who likes the crust but still want a tad bit of the sweetness of pineapple
  • No pineapple - for those who only likes the crust


Our pineapple tarts are best consumed immediately as they are freshly baked everyday. 


Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Amount
  • For pineapple tarts, cancellation is NON-REFUNDABLE unless given a notice of 24 hours or more as they are freshly baked everyday.




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