Fair warning, one tub of these ball pineapple tarts is never enough! (My brother keeps his own bottle of these in his room because he doesn't want to share HAHA)


The crust is so buttery and has a melt-in-the-mouth texture that isn't too sweet as NO sugar is used for our crust. The crust then encloses a huge blob of pineapple that is slightly more sour than other pineapple tarts sold outside, giving it a unique taste that we prefer as it isn't too sweet!


Our pineapple also uses lesser sugar than the normal recipe thus making it a healthier choice! We also sell open-faced pineapple tarts with less pineapple and no pineapple.


The combination of the buttery crust and amazing pineapple taste makes it a very popular (and addictive) snack for all ages!


One tub is 10cm (D) x 11.5cm (H) and contain 36-40  tarts that have a diameter of about 4cm.


100% homemade & handmade, and NO preservatives used! Our pineapple tarts are best consumed immediately as they are freshly baked from scratch when ordered!


For pre-order for future dates, do let us know the date you want to collect/deliver in the "Date" section below. For normal orders (no particular date specified), the tarts will be baked once your order is confirmed, and we will inform you of the collection/delivery date.

Ball Pineapple Tarts

  • For pineapple tarts, cancellation is NON-REFUNDABLE unless given a notice of 24 hours or more as they are freshly baked everyday.