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Freshly baked traditional pineapple tarts that are made from scratch every day! The pastry melts in your mouth and is topped with delicious pineapple that is just the right amount of sweetness! 

Choose from our options of:

  • Standard - $16 (Around 30 tarts)

  • Less pineapple - $15 (Around 30 tarts)

  • No pineapple - $14 (32 - 36 tarts)

  • Ball pineapple tarts - $22 (36 - 40 tarts)

Our pineapple tarts are best consumed immediately as they are freshly baked every day.

For pre-order for future dates, do let us know the date you want to collect/deliver. For normal orders, the tarts will be baked once your order is confirmed, and we will inform you collection/delivery date.

All our products are made to order.

Please contact us at or at +65 8839 5285 to order!

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